Comin’ Alive



  1. Comin' Alive
  2. You're The One
  3. Tree
  4. Violet Flame
  5. Black Warrior River People
  6. SPSD
  7. Heart Full Of Love
  8. My Future
  9. Keep Talkin' Love
  10. Ticklish Daisy
  11. Comin' Alive - chorus


Donna Hopkins – Lead Guitar, Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Buffalo Drum (track 5)

Richie Jones – Drums (all tracks), Percussion (track 1), Background Vocals (track 7)

Charlie Wooton – Bass (tracks 1, 2, 6, 8, 9)

Michael Hurly – Bass (tracks 3, 4, 5, 7), Acoustic Guitar (tracks 4, 5)

Geoff Achison – Lead Guitar (track 1)

Adam Brett – Lead Guitar Solo (track 3) 2nd Lead Guitar Solo (track 5)

Ike Stubblefield – Hammond B-3 (tracks 2, 6, 8, 9)

Ben Hernandez, Laura Reed, Donna Hopkins – Background Vocals (track 5)

Samantha Alessi-Jones – Background Vocals (tracks 1, 7)

Ralph Roddenbery – Vocals (track 8)

Tip Barbee (Donna’s Paw-Paw) and Vassar Clements – (track 10)

Rita Graham, Trina Meade – Background Vocals (track 9)

Shelley Wolfe – Wind Chimes (track 1), Buffalo Drum (track 5)

Melissa “Junebug” Massey – Buffalo Drum (track 5)

Zebulon Bowles – Violin, Cello (track 1)

Karl Liberatore – Flugelhorn

Adam Mewherter – Trombone

Bryan Lopes – Sax

Comin’ Alive Choir: Donna Hopkins, Samantha Alessi-Jones, Richie Jones, Shelley Wolfe, Scott Mecredy, Jay Mecredy, Ralph Roddenbery, Alex Roddenbery, Rita Graham, Trina Meade, Ben Hernandez, Holly Howell, John Marsh, and Kate Moore

Executive Producer – Paul Diaz
Producer – Donna Hopkins
Engineer (tracks 1, 2, 6, 8, 9, 11) – Wyatt Oates
Engineer (tracks 3, 4, 5, 7) – Miguel Scott
Engineer (track 10) – Mark van Allen
2nd Engineer – Dave Attken
2nd Engineer – Ian Blanton
Recording and Mixing Engineer – Miguel Scott
Mastering Engineer – Ryan Hobbs
Photography – Shelley Wolfe
Album Design – Richie Jones
Recorded at Tree Sound Studios, Norcross, GA

Tracks 1, 3, 4, 6, 7, 11 – Donna Hopkins Publishing, ASCAP
Track 2 – Donna Hopkins Publishing, ASCAP / Brian Ashley Jones Music, BMI
Tracks 5, 9 – Donna Hopkins Publishing, ASCAP / The Durrett Publishing Co., BMI
Track 8 – Donna Hopkins Publishing, ASCAP / Ralph Roddenbery Publishing


Special thanks to India Hopkins for your love and patience dealing with mommy’s crazy schedule. Thank you, Shelley Wolfe for the love and inspiration for Comin’ Alive. Love and thanks to Momma and Daddy. Thank you Samantha and Richie Jones for being my “real” family. Thank you Paul Diaz and the team at Tree Sound Studios for space to create all the magic. Thank you to my family and also to my extended family. Thank you to all the musicians who performed on the album…I love you all! Thanks to my main man Pete Sobel, winner of the Sobel Pete’s Prize. Big thanks to Mac Chiles, Gail Tassell, Frank Hunt, and Gus Arrendale.

In loving memory of Bill Ector, Sean Costello, Adam Mewherter, Donnie Mac, and Leslie Belden.

Album Reviews

If you have ever met or seen Atlanta’s Donna Hopkins perform live, you know that she truly embodies the Mama Vibe. Earthy, soulful, raw and polished all at once, she mesmerizes with her Southern-grown music. She is a staple of local Atlanta music and one of the reasons why you needn’t look outside this city for some of the best music in the world. (Sorry, Nashville!)

Her most recent album, Comin’ Alive (©2011 Tree Leaf Music), is what’s currently on repeat in the van. Along with a handful of Organic Happy Puffs, it keeps Daisy calm on rides these days. She hates to be restrained in her car seat, but put on Donna’s “Keep Talkin’ Love” and she is a Zen baby.

I have fallen in love with this album over the course of several months. The love affair started when I saw Donna perform on Dirty South TV’s The Acoustic Lunch Hour. Whatever she has been through in her life–and from what she says, her early years were rough–she appears to have engaged some type of emotional alchemy in this album, transforming adversity into pure musical gold.
Liz Lee, The Mama Vibe